Friday, September 28, 2012

My How Time Flies

Yesterday I had the privilege of spending some good quality time with two of my best girlfriends. They BOTH have newborn's (2 weeks and 6 weeks old) while I was childless because C was at preschool.

After I got to shower, do my hair AND makeup I found myself sitting with both of them begging to hold their little ones. You would think with my days off with C at school, holding another child would not be what I wanted to do...but I love these two little girls so much I just couldn't help it!

So I grabbed the first one I could get my hands on and sat there cuddling and gazing at the tiny little miracles before me. One of the sweet ones started to coo and I thought "I am not sure I can remember what Caroline sounded like cooing."

Time flies...doesn't it?

As I loved on, kissed on, and held this little ones I found myself missing those moments with C. I have flipped back through this online journal I call a blog and found some remnants of that time here, here and here.

Again...time flies.

Now she walks, talks, jumps, dances, chases the dog around the house, calls her friends and family by name, tells me when she's hungry, tired or something hurts.

She says "moret" instead of more.
She says "one moret time" when she wants to do something again.
She says "I love you."
She says "I love you...moret"
She loves to play ring around the rosy.
She loves to sing songs.
She loves to say the alphabet (of course missing a few letters along the way.)
She loves to count.
She loves to count to three and jump off of things.
She loves Boots on Dora the Explorer.
She loves The Doodle Bops.
She loves it when her daddy comes home and will skip around the house for the first full minute he walks through the door calling his name with every skip.
She loves to "plex" with her daddy. (wrestle on the bed)
She loves to feed Zeus her scraps from her meal.
She will remind Chris and I to pray before our meals and sneaks a few bites of food while we pray.
She still loves her binky.
She loves to sleep with all her stuffed animals in the bed. Bedtime wouldn't be the same without lamby, baby, wolfe and roo.
She loves to be tickled.
She loves to laugh.
She loves to play.
She loves everything.

I don't want to forget because time goes by so fast. We are quick to remember the firsts of things but don't pause enough to think of the lasts of things.

If time is flying I want to enjoy the view.